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SlamRock In Place

by The Wyatt Act

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Grenold Coffee
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Grenold Coffee Exquisite, smart, silly, incisive, penetrating, liquid, solid. Intelligence and humor spreading like a molasses spill. I'm stuck in it.
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SlamRock Is 00:21
street corner style poetry interaction over isolation process over product eximpressionschism joyful sarcasmic avant – harder Irrepressibellious Life theater music art
Get in your Van and Gogh, man, don’t Jackson My Pollock A fish on the freeway with a chainsaw and a gun Get in your Van and Gogh, man, don’t Jackson My Pollock All this is gonna make you be late, so now you better run Get in your Van and Gogh, man, don’t Jackson My Pollock A fist full of paint balls with scraped claws ripped straight from the jaws of the sun Get in your Van and Gogh, man, don’t Jackson My Pollock If technique is a means to a statement, then get acquainted with reality in a basement, restrained, skinned, and hung Don’t Jackson My Pollock Let art often be violent like a client at a silent auction french kissing the docent with poison on his tongue Don’t Jackson My Pollock I intend to leave this museum as numb as when I’d first come to first serve the masses a plaque from my gums Don’t Jackson My Pollock Subpoena the ignition switch to turn on a stare - there - Marina Abramovic just sat in a chair Don’t Jackson My Pollock Where hyenas have perfect pitch like ballerinas want to shit in the air, that’s why dancers say, “merde” Don’t Jackson My Pollock Fair, you just want to express yourself freely and plentifully Don’t Jackson My Pollock I’ve got nothing against the forces of gravity nor entropy And it’s not that I don’t appreciate your joy and your reverie But honestly, I’d heavily recommend if you’re gonna be a honey bee, you should probably find a flower instead of me Get in your Van and Gogh, man, Don’t Jackson My Pollock Like orchards in the fall, it’s symbolic No portrait was nostalgic Poor misfortune, melancholic, a tortured alcoholic My Pollock Just a little breeze, the peace that brings the leaves of trees to breathe in green Dripping all the paint, the way you play, it rains from brains’ unconscious waves My Pollock There are no mistakes, only discoveries hidden in ink blots, so thought Rorschach, who was often plagued with some unease My Pollock You’re projecting And you’re glue! Whatever you say is infecting your testing and sticks right back to you. My Pollock A canvas is a trance It’s a chance to understand and enhance the vast expanse My Pollock Let the media glare Art for art's sake Put your heart on a steak and serve it medium rare My Pollock I must confess I’ve entertained the idea of splattering everywhere on everyone and everything My Pollock There’s been times I wouldn’t mind flinging colors across the room from a credit card or an ad My Pollock We’re all just trying to survive late stage capitalism within the context of globalization My Pollock Nobody can really concentrate with dizzying swirls of red and black swirling around like the last man laughed Get in your Van and Gogh, man, don’t Jackson My Pollock
Way, Takes Away, Takes Away, Takes Away Hunger - Emily Dickinson I’d not been hungry all the years My noon came in to dine I, trembling, drew the table near To touch the curious wine ‘Twas this on tables I had seen When, hungry, naked, lone, I looked in windows for the wealth I could not hope to own The plenty hurt me, felt so new, Myself, felt ill and odd Like berry from a mountain bush Transplanted to the road Nor was I hungry, so I found, When hunger was away Of persons outside windows, The entering takes away Way, Takes Away, Takes Away, Takes Away Hunger - Emily Dickinson
Grab your gas mask and bleach it Grind your teeth into sand I’m gonna tell you a secret (Shh!) Only you’d understand They think we’re all just meat bits To be devoured and had But if you squint, you can see it, your - Back pocket butthole Get the bag Check the clock Gas the rag Load the glock This is it Time to go Fire’s lit Let it explode Move away Dye your hair Change your name You’re a billionaire Fall in love With a government spy You gotta hide your - Back pocket butthole Back pocket butthole In a better disguise With the love of your life You together, decide To take the wealth and divide You hack the banks Delete the debt Even the ranks Erase the threat Now that humans are equal, They’ve given up wars So all the people Find other worlds to explore Behind the galaxy, Like trees with eyes, There shines a canopy From deep inside our - Back pocket butthole
Elbow Bump 02:07
Elbow Bump A meeting of the funny bones Elbow Bump Keep the germs you have your own Elbow Bump My, how your hygiene sure has grown Elbow Bump Even better when you’re stoned! Elbow Bump ‘Cause you got something in your hands Elbow Bump And you look good in that stance Elbow Bump If you’re ready for romance Elbow Bump C’mon now, let’s dance! Elbow Bump Once upon time, they used to wanna shake hands Elbow Bump They’d exchange more than shakes, but excretions from their glands Elbow Bump Absorbent as a porous sponge plunged into sludge Elbow Bump Prevent harm’s spread with bent arm ends


Recorded in our apartments during "Shelter In Place" in San Francisco


released July 11, 2020

All music by The Wyatt Act

Guinevere Q - Vocals, Bass, Lyrics
Jason Young Sun - Drums, Guitar, Vocals, Sound Effects, Engineering
Breakfast - Saxophone, Keys, Vocals
Karissa McKelvey aka Captain KMac - Trumpet, Vocals, Mixing
Chelsea Matthews - Congas
Cameron Forsley - Album Artwork
Eric Oberthaler - Mixing
Myles Boisen - Mastering


all rights reserved



The Wyatt Act San Francisco, California

San Francisco's own high-energy, experimental SlamRock band.

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